About the Author

George W. Wolfe is Professor Emeritus at Ball State University and former Director of the Ball State Center for Peace and Conflict Studies. He is a certified mediator and was trained to conduct interfaith dialogue at All-Faiths Seminary International in New York City and at the Lakeshore Interfaith Institute in Ganges, Michigan. In 1991, he was awarded an open fellowship from the Eli Lilly Endowment which made possible his first trip to India where he became interested in the nonviolent philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi.

     As an educator, Dr. Wolfe frequently lectures both within and outside the United States on topics related to nonviolence, peace education, academic freedom, and the role of the arts in social activism.  He has served on the advisory council of the Toda Institute for Peace, Policy and Global Research, and was a visiting scholar at Limburg Catholic University in Hasselt, Belgium. In 2008, he presented peace education workshops in the island nation of St. Lucia by invitation of the Ministry of Education.  

    In his book, The Spiritual Power of Nonviolence, Dr. Wolfe makes a compelling case for the sustainability paradigm and for offering peace education and interreligious dialogue on a global scale.

      He probes the scriptures of the world's great religions, demonstrating that nonviolence is a shared virtue, and that the real enemy we must battle against and ultimately defeat is actually within us.